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Brand introduction
Brand introduction

       "A little column bottom"

       The bottom small column is silvergate British company's work. The film to the ocean as a story on the stage, is a blend of action, adventure, Marine biological science courses and preschool team cooperation, etc. Animation tells the story of the eight group of cute little animal underwater adventures of the story. They live in mysterious base - octopus fort, ready to set out to solve the submarine distress. Eliminate the risk of submarine may occur. Each set animation based on an expedition, party members to play their own special skill, overcome danger, exploring the ocean, found the unknown creatures.

       "Peter rabbit"

       Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit) is a fictional graphic novel personification role, he is the author of British female writer and illustrator Beatrix Potter (Helen Beatrix Potter). Than a Rabbit first appeared in 1902 published by The children's book: "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" (The by Tate of Peter Rabbit), after The beatrix potter has published five books and children's book than a Rabbit.

       "Love teddy bear"

       "Love the bear" is composed of a number of famous artist to build out, created a "strawberry sweetheart" image Muriel Fahrion devised the first six cubs. Susan Trentel famous toy designer to design the first love teddy bear doll. The famous children's illustrator Elena Kucharik bear illustration created a series of love, be made into a children's book, CARDS and other products.

       "The pig page"

       Pig page is by the British astor (Astley), Baker (Baker), Davis (Davis), the director and a British preschool TV animation, is also in the most potential brand of preschool children. Story around the pig page and family happy experience, humor and fun, to promote the traditional concept of family and friendship, encourage the children to experience life. By the E1 Kids released on May 31, 2004 after the premiere, the animation has global 180 regions, is now broadcast 6 season; CCTV children's channel are also popular, minimalist style of animation, humorous dialogue intonation, profound education significance of the story, not only can let the preschoolers to learn knowledge, more can let the children since the childhood life experience to form a good habit of life, by the children and their parents around the world.

       "Travel the frog"

       Frog travel < < > > is HIT by the game company - POINT developed a placement type mobile game, support Android/IOS operation

       Leading role is a lovely little frog, players can give it a name, by gathering clover go to the mall to buy things, there is food, lucky charm, props. Frog with these things will go out to travel, and then travel will post pictures, back will also bring back the local products. But, the frog out don't go out, when go out, when to come back, all is random.

       In January 2018, the health of the Buddha is a game, quickly by the Buddha is the love of youth, became the new circle of friends refresh content, netizens from "sun Eva wind" has become "sun baby boom"

       The sprout sprout clan"

       Sprout sprout clan mainly European and American fashion, fashion design concept based in Korea and Japan, based on the principle of deduce new elegant style fashion, struck plush toys gift market, after many years of business experience, has laid the "sprout sprout clan" plush toys excellent product quality and unique style. Successively introduced since the cool frog series, beautiful younger sister rabbit series and sprouting sprouting bear series.

       "Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale"

       "Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale" is the hereafter, he created the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, a total of 166 stories. The aizeng clear, enthusiasm to working people, and praise the good moral character of their goodness and purity; Mercilessly expose and criticize the nobles were stupid and incompetent, greed and brutality. Among the more famous are: the story of the little mermaid, the ugly duckling, "the little match girl", "the steadfast tin soldier", "the thumb girl" and so on.

       "Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale" has been translated into 150 languages published. His fairy tale story has inspired a lot of movie, ballet, stage and film animation production.

       "The history of Squly & Friends and Friends"
       History of Hong Kong local brands Squly & Friends and Friends are by a group of dynamic young people with positive energy, founded in 2013. The slogan "Let's share all the fun!" Slogan, creating yourself with a lovely character "Squly & Friends" impetus for everyone! Every Tuesday have new comic book. In Hong Kong, China, with dynamic cartoon in popular website column, which in turn into large shopping malls, become the hottest cartoon brand.