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The 16th CTE toy fair in China, will be held on October 18-20 held in Shanghai new international expo center. HuaWang industrial meet with you

2018/11/23 15:30:21

To explore the magical adventure and find joy in the world

HuaWang industry welcome you

The booth HuaWang industrial activities

Little column in the bottom of the sea as a theme design

Adopted the hero buck captain match colors


Blue represents the

Cool, deep, reason, beautiful, composed

Quiet and wide...


White represents the

Clean, pure, simple, hope, justice

Peace and divine...


Booth designers will activities into a symbol of the blue sky, white clouds, the sea scene

The world wide and peaceful, beautiful and pure

For the exploration of the unknown, adventure and joy

Wake up children in the heart of curiosity

To find friendship and discover the world!

(HuaWang industrial activities, booth number: E5D01)

2017 cte, HuaWang industrial product display

HuaWang industry to participate in the exhibition, prepared a variety of brand products!

Pig series of plush toys, page than rabbit series of plush toys, care bears series of plush toys

And, most recently by the children love the bottom small column series of plush toys

At the same time, there will be HuaWang industry independent research and development the brand "sprout sprout clan" series of plush toys

And OEM custom plush products.

The bottom of the sea small column series

Submarine small column is BBC children's ocean exploration animation broadcast, to sea as a story on the stage, is a blend of action, adventure, Marine biological science courses and team cooperation content of preschool, dominated by scientific, fun, educational, both the children's curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

       Since August 2015 in China, "the pig page" has been praised by the great majority of parents and the children's favorite, in a short span of five minutes of stories into the trust, friendship, family communication, life experience, with strong values, but also fun and humor.

Than a rabbit series

"Than a rabbit" is a very suitable for parents and children together watching the parent-child interaction of animation, the story of Peter rabbit contains each child is full of adventure and joy of my childhood, wake up the children's imagination, inner curiosity, friendship, and the ability to discover the world, it can also lead to the resonance of the parents.

Care bear series

"Love teddy bear" from the United States, since 1982, has been loved by people in the United States, has since has been one of America's most popular cartoon, is love bear the 35th anniversary of this year, from the United States to China, love the bear is finally here!

Series of sprout clan

"Sprout sprout clan" is HuaWang industry independent research and development of the plush toy brands, mainly in Europe and America fashion, fashion design concept based in Korea and Japan, based on the principle of deduce new elegant style fashion, fight plush toys gift market, HuaWang industry for many years of business experience, has laid the "sprout sprout clan" plush toys excellent product quality and unique style. Successively launched since the cool frog, beautiful younger sister rabbit and sprout of bear series.

OEM custom

OE M custom is to help customers reduce costs as own duty, is committed to create the first brand global OEM customization. Customers need to provide the corresponding size and JPG design, or provide product samples, samples can be designed and developed, can also specify our existing products with enterprise provide LOGO, can also be customized various mascot for the enterprise, activity, gifts, fashion designs interprets the corporate image.

     HuaWang industrial meet you in Shanghai


Show time: 2017.10.18-10.20

The exhibition location: Shanghai new international expo center

HuaWang industrial booth: E5D01