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The bottom of the sea small column set

2018/11/23 15:51:07

       Ocean exploration animation the bottom small columns (Octonauts) is based on buck captain leadership core, squad assembled doctors, biologists, cameraman, such as mechanical engineer of eight partners. They are a group of small adventurer, active in the bottom of the sea have their own hobby and unique expertise, under the guidance of core buck team captain to continuously explore unknown seas.

       Buck captain is a polar bear, on the one of the most brave, calm, is a small column proud captain and trustworthy.

       Clap is a impulse orange kitten, had a mysterious pirates career, he was a natural adventurer, like adventure and fresh things.

       Skin doctors (leather) is a cute penguins, he is a team of doctors, penguins from a large family.

       Xie informed his considerable, omniscient, can often find teammates ignored by the moving details.

       Cc is a dachshund dog. She likes surfing is also is the official photographer of the expedition team, manage the whole team in science and technology equipment and communications equipment, is an expert in regulatory octopus fort the computer operating system.

       Professor chapter is a Peter pan octopus, left eye with a monocle, love reading, well informed. Don't often walk around -- when the players out to perform a task, will stay in the base shall be responsible for the contact. In addition, professor team is the oldest of a chapter, is the founder of submarine small columns.

       Chug rabbit team is a mechanical engineer, team is responsible for the maintenance of all vehicles. She likes transformation machinery for a particular task, and like to make those who work in unexpected ways novel inventions.

       Radishes are small column chef of the sea, to take charge of domestic service, such as diet, also manages the octopus castle garden.

       The bottom small columns based on the stage, is a blend of action, adventure, Marine biological science courses and preschool team collaboration, each set animation based on an expedition, party members to play their own special skill, overcome danger, exploring the ocean, found the unknown creatures.


       Animation is now to the fourth quarter, as the animated hit package also spawned a large number of expression

      Underwater world more unknown adventure is waiting for you to explore, submarine small columns at ease, task to this end, we next adventure goodbye!